C. Wight on Being Missionary People

“Unfortunately, there is a danger that in the expression, “the whole church taking the whole gospel to the whole world” turns the church into nothing more than a delivery mechanism for the message. All that matters is “getting the job done”– preferably as soon as possible. And sadly, there are some forms of missionary strategy and rhetoric that strongly give that impression.

“The Bible, in stark contrast, is passionately concerned about what kind of people they are who claim to be the people of God. If our mission is to share good news, we need to be good news people. If we preach a gospel of transformation, we need to show some evidence of what transformation looks like.”

The Mission of God’s People

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Ernest Goodman is a missiologist, writer, teacher, and communications strategist.

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  1. I really appreciate his emphasis on ethics in this book you quoted from. (He emphasizes ethics in other of his books, I hear, as well.)

    In a decade of being a “professional” (?) missionary I have never heard anyone use the word “ethics.” I suppose we might use the word “obey.” But I like the word “ethics.” Probably my background in philosophy. Anyway, it might cheer you to know the Bible translation world is starting to use that word more, now. Starting to look seriously at the ethics of translation – not just Bible translation, but any kind of translation. Interesting stuff that gets my blood flowing fast.

    One part I like in his book – and I can’t remember where it is – but he talks about the seeming ridiculousness of God choosing the bless the nations through one family choosing to walk in obedience – to live the Old Testament (and future New Testament) ethics, a lives centered on obeying Yahweh, a most unique and holy other God.

    I think we choose to do “strategy” and focus on “finishing the task” and all that because we refuse to believe the Kingdom of God operates like a mustard seed. We refuse to believe in God’s ridiculous plan which means at the very bottom of it, plain, simple obedience by even the smallest part in his kingdom – an individual, a single family, etc.

    I am changing my life so I believe more in what God can do through one person, one family, that obeys. Because mission “strategy” is not hopeful.

    And I say this with irony – because my role is deeply entrenched in mission strategy. Always countering it, however, with the simplicity of obedience and gospel ethic.

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