Retirement Isn’t As Much Fun

So I’m coming out of blog retirement. For this post, anyway. It turns out that I really miss writing through my thoughts on God’s mission. Regardless of whether or not anyone actually reads this blog, I enjoy asking the missiological questions that I don’t hear others asking. So I’m back. For now.

Also, John Piper keeps telling everyone that they aren’t missionaries.

And this guy says I’m confused about cessationist missiology (if there was such a thing).

So here we go. Again.

About E. Goodman

Ernest Goodman is a missiologist, writer, teacher, and communications strategist.


  1. I still think you are confused about the Reformed doctrine of the sufficiency of Scripture. If you would like to write a response to all of the issues I raise in the article to which you have provided a link, we will be happy to post it on our site. You and I may continue to disagree, but I think discussion is always a good thing.

  2. Jason,
    Thanks for coming by. I really do agree- discussion is always good!

    If you’ll indulge me, I would love to respond to your well-written post. Let’s see if I can put something half-way intelligent together.

    Thanks again.

  3. Ernest, gosh, I’m a huge fan, what can I say? I’m sure at some point I’ll get over how much I like this blog.

    I do want to say, however – because so many people miss this fact – I’ve seen you write as someone other than “Ernest” and I like Ernest a lot better. Ernest is truly humorous – I wonder why we are afraid to be so funny when we talk about mission. It’s a delightful mix of humor and seriousness.

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