Why Not?

Why not…

  • Require all church members to have a valid passport and go on at least one international trip every couple years?
  • Invite representatives of unbelieving people groups into your church to speak about what they believe and what they think of Christianity?
  • Send a care package to a missionary you don’t (yet) know?
  • Start a blog on behalf of the workers in restricted-access places that would allow them to communicate safely and anonymously?
  • Advocate for a people group? Make them more than just projects or statistics.
  • Intentionally cross cultures in your city?
  • Use your church van to drive neighbors to the store?
  • Design a logo for your local neighborhood association? Bring it to the next public meeting.
  • Use the arrival of the Christmas season to explain the gospel in a clear way to neighbors and co-workers?
  • Celebrate the good news in your community? You could buy someone’s coffee, post a note on a local bulletin board.
  • Mow your neighbor’s lawn? (Shovel the snow in his drive?)
  • Build a website for another church in town? You know which one I mean.
  • Skip work (let them know) and take your family to a matinee?

About E. Goodman

Ernest Goodman is a missiologist, writer, teacher, and communications strategist.